Classic Ball Bearing Set 10/6 – Art. 600483

The classic thrust bearing is a loose set of 2 grooved washers and a ball cage with balls. The customer is responsible for final assembly and lubrication.

The main advantage of the classic ball bearing is its flexibility in the choice of materials.
The set is sold and shipped together, but the different components are packed separately.

Set consists of: Art. 500567 grooved washer, Art. 600464 ball cage, Art. 301.00041 grooved washer

Technical Information

Bearing Washers

Washer Material 1.3505 (100Cr6)
Disc 1 Outer Diameter (D) 10 mm
Disc 1 Inner Diameter (d) 6 mm
Disc 2 Outer Diameter 10 mm
Disc 2 Inner Diameter 6.2 mm
Height on Groove (H) 3 mm
Pitch Diameter (dt) 8 mm
Washer Hardness 720 ± 50 HV10

Caged Ball Bearing

Cage Material PA66 GF10
Number of Balls 12
Ball Diameter Ø 1.2 mm
Ball Material</